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Permaculture Sydney North creates empowered, resilient and sustainable communities by teaching people skills in permaculture and self sufficiency.  We run a range of practical, hand-on workshops and courses, and we bring in guest speakers on a range of topics close to our hearts. Our education is fun and a great way to connect with a like-minded community.  Many events are free for members, and our paid courses are affordably priced. 

Upcoming events

    • 30 Jul 2016
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Lindfield

    This is a short permabee to finish off the chicken run we started  in June, put perches in the chicken house,   maybe make some chicken feeders and have a celebratory lunch where those with experience might give us all some advice about chickens. .

     I hope participants will stay to enjoy the workshop on " Finding contours with a dumpy-level' which starts at 2pm.    

    Please register separately for this.

    Di Evans 94161896

    Shawn Buchan 0420287049

    • 30 Jul 2016
    • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Lindfield
    • 2



    Finding your contours, where to dig swales and other important stuff

     Greetings All,

    On Saturday, July 30th Rolf Cambridge (who is a surveyor) is going to do more than teach the Dumpy level use.

    This is the course guide

    ·       Use of the dumpy level; check for adjustment; how to book the readings—back sight, intermediate sight and fore sight; reduction of observations 

    ·       Australian Height Datum (AHD) and how to search for State Survey Marks (SSM's) and field inspection of one or two, so that they can be recognised. 

    ·       Plotting of the levels that are observed, perhaps calculating contours;

    ·       Marking a contour on the ground.

    ·       If we have time to spare—he has a 2" soil auger that could be used to investigate a soil profile and determining  pH.

    He is asking that you bring:

    ·       A clipboard and  about  4 sheets of A4 paper, pencil, small ruler and rubber

    ·       If you have an 8 m measuring tape that might be useful  (I have a couple here)

    As usual bring something simple but delicious for afternoon tea.

    Tea (of various sorts) and coffee provided.

    PSN has,  or will have a dumpy- level which you will be able to borrow and now will soon be able to use.

    We will be outside most of the time, so comfortable shoes and warm clothes, hats etc would be good.

     It will be at my place at Lindfield -  address will be emailed to you on registration.

    Hope to see you there,

    Di Evans.  94161896   devans2@optusnet.com.au

    Diana Watson  94162929


    • 31 Jul 2016
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Kimbriki EcoHouse, Kimbriki Rd, Ingleside

    Did you know that we are exposed to more toxic and hazardous chemicals from using common household cleaning products inside our homes than anywhere else? These incredibly harmful chemicals are causing many illnesses for us and our families and create tons of toxic waste which is disposed into our environment. In the past 40 years, at least 70,000 new chemicals have been released into the environment through cleaning and industrial products, with a US study revealing that its participants carried an average of 43% of these chemicals in their body.

    Want to make sustainable, eco friendly, safe and low cost cleaning products for you home? At this workshop we will make washing powder, fabric softener, cleaning sprays and creams, toilet cleaner, air fresheners, liquid hand soaps, veggie wash and more while boosting your immune system at the same time!

    • 20 Aug 2016
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Eastwood. Detailed address provided with event registration
    • 10

    Living Skills: ‘Create A Natural First Aid Kit’ with Pat Collins

    Pat Collins is a renowned herbalist based at Hunter Valley. She not only provides natural healing and cosmetic products through her Muswellbrook practice, but is also an author of 7 books about medicinal plants.

    During the half-day workshop Pat will share with us her impressive knowledge about plant resources. She will teach us how to use nature's remedies to create a herbal First Aid Kit. The idea is to create a small kit that can fit in the glove box of your car or in your bag when travelling.

    In this workshop you will make your own first aid kit with a dozen of products to take home. 

    For more information about Pat please have a look at her practice's website: Total Health & Education Centre at http://patcollins.com.au/

    What to Bring:
    • A small first aid kit bag or box to fill (for example, a plastic clip lock container from the $2 shop).  
    • Four 15ml amber glass bottles with droppers (or $4 to buy them on the day)
    • Five 30gm amber glass jars with screw on lid (or $3.60 to buy them on the day) 
    • Pen and paper to take notes 
    • a few miscellaneous small jars as there is always extra ointment and creams made.
    Register by clicking on the "Register" button. If you have problems with registering, please email:


    If you're not a member and would like to join our community, please join here 

    • 21 Aug 2016
    • 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
    • 7A Penrose Street, Lane Cove

    Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

    Aug 21, 2pm-4:30pm

    Thinking of updating your tree pruning skills?  Here's the workshop for you!

    On Sunday August 21, Victoria is returning to provide a pruning workshop for the monthly PSN Local Group meeting. This workshop will be held at a PSN member's garden in Lane Cove which has a large range of evergreen and deciduous fruit trees.

    Two hours workshop with 1/2 hour break in between. Starts at 2pm sharp and finishes at 4:30pm to include theory, demonstration and practical skills training supervised by Victoria.

    Victoria is a qualified horticulturist working for the City of Sydney and is currently involved in the City Farm project. She is an experienced workshop presenter on a range of gardening topics for council, community and Permaculture groups over many years.

    She has given pruning workshops to various PSN local groups and come highly recommended as a presenter with good theoretical knowledge, fantastic practical demonstration and helpful advice to all participants on developing good pruning skills. This is an opportunity not to be missed!!!

    Hand out and notes will be provided as take home.

    Workshop fees: $10 each. To simplify procedure you can pay me on the day but you must register to attend. Places are limited.

    Host: Belinda Madin


    • pruning tools
    • plate to share 
    • $10 workshop fees


    Wendy Dwyer

    • 28 Aug 2016
    • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Pennant Hills
    • 23

    PSN's August Permabee will be at Sue's garden in Pennant Hills.

    We will be implementing Sue's new Permaculture Design, having recently completed her Introduction to Permaculture course with PSN. 

    Be sure to lock in the date in advance. The days activities will be provided closer to the date. Though swales, frog pond, wicking beds and a banana circle are all in the mix. 

    Come along all day or half a day, its completely up to you. Children are welcome, with supervision from parents. 

    Lunch, tea and coffee will of course be provided. 

    If you're not a member and would like to join our community and take part in this event, please join here 

    Be sure to bring gloves, sturdy enclosed shoes, hat, water bottle and sun screen.  If you happen to bring hand tools, be sure they have your name on them. 

    Address details will be provided once you have registered. 

    Car pooling is encouraged. 

    • 11 Sep 2016
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Details - http://sustainablehouseday.com/

    This event is not run by Permaculture Sydney North, but we love visiting the numerous Open Houses and Gardens.  

    Maybe yours will be one of those houses or gardens to open and share? If you'd like to submit, the registrations close on August 12th.



    Open the door to sustainable living by touring some of Australia’s most environmentally progressive homes on show at Sustainable House Day.

    On Sunday 11 September from 10am to 4pm, you have the opportunity to tour an amazing array of everyday Australian homes all built and created around the ideal of reducing their footprint on the earth.

    By partaking in Sustainable House Day you can tap into local knowledge to learn how to successfully integrate renewable energy, recycling, and other sustainable practices into your home and lifestyle.

    This unique event is a valuable resource for anyone looking for inspiration, ideas and the key to sustainable living. Our homeowners, sponsors and local sustainable groups look forward to sharing their knowledge with you.

    Full details are available at : http://sustainablehouseday.com/

    • 11 Sep 2016
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Denistone, St Clair

    The Sustainable House Day on Sunday, 11th of September will see the following permaculture gardens open to the public:

    Sweeney House, St Clair: http://sustainablehouseday.com/house-profile-view/?house_id=9166 also as seen on Gardening Australia: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s4297739.htm

    PSN opens Margaret and Chris's permaculture garden at Denistone:

    http://sustainablehouseday.com/house-profile-view/?house_id=25713 also as seen on Gardening Australia: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s4466290.htm 

    SHD is an initiative showcasing sustainable houses and/or gardens to the public. It gives visitors a chance to inspect firsthand houses that have been designed, built or renovated with sustainability in mind as well as the opportunity to talk to owners and receive unbiased advice. 

    What's more important, for permaculture practitioners SHD enables them to show permaculture designs to wider audiences by opening permaculture gardens.

    • 25 Sep 2016
    • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Address provided with event registration

    We are looking for Permaculture Garden in need of volunteers?

    Do you have a Permaculture design you want assistance in bringing to life? 

    Contact garden@permaculturenorth.org.au  to discuss possibilities for Permabee slots not yet filled. Permabees are generally held on the 4th Sunday of the month, though we are flexible.  

    We look forward to bringing PSN members to your garden to make it flourish. 

    If you're not a PSN member and would like to join our community and take part in this event, please join here 

    • 23 Oct 2016
    • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Address provided with event registration

    We are looking for Permaculture Garden in need of volunteers?

    Do you have a Permaculture design you want assistance in bringing to life? 

    Contact garden@permaculturenorth.org.au  to discuss possibilities for Permabee slots not yet filled. Permabees are generally held on the 4th Sunday of the month, though we are flexible.  

    We look forward to bringing PSN members to your garden to make it flourish. 

    If you're not a PSN member and would like to join our community and take part in this event, please join here 

    • 27 Nov 2016
    • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Address provided with event registration

    We are looking for Permaculture Garden in need of volunteers?

    Do you have a Permaculture design you want assistance in bringing to life? 

    Contact garden@permaculturenorth.org.au  to discuss possibilities for Permabee slots not yet filled. Permabees are generally held on the 4th Sunday of the month, though we are flexible.  

    We look forward to bringing PSN members to your garden to make it flourish. 

    If you're not a PSN member and would like to join our community and take part in this event, please join here 

Past events

23 Jul 2016 Living Skills workshop: Soap Making, July 23rd, Waverton
16 Jul 2016 PSN Pests and Diseases: 16 July
26 Jun 2016 PSN Permabee June 26 - Lindfield
25 Jun 2016 Living Skills workshop: Backyard Chickens, June 25th, 2-4 pm, Denistone
19 Jun 2016 Cancelled due to weather : PSN Finding Contours : June 19 2016 Lindfield
05 Jun 2016 The Northside Repair Cafe June 5th, 2016
05 Jun 2016 PNB Eco Festival - World Environment Day 5 June 2016
21 May 2016 Living Skills workshop: Herbal Extracts & Cream Making, May 21st, 2-4 pm, Waverton
16 May 2016 Rosemary Morrow - Permaculture Pioneer & Global Teacher
15 May 2016 Fagan Park Eco Garden Permabee - 15 May 2016
14 May 2016 Ryde Local Group Meeting: Soil and Nutrients Workshop
07 May 2016 Living Skills: Wild mushroom hunt, May 7th
01 May 2016 International Permaculture Day - Permaculture Northern Beaches activities
01 May 2016 International Permaculture Day - PSN Open Gardens
30 Apr 2016 Living Skills: Olive Curing Workshop
30 Apr 2016 Living Skills: Wild mushroom hunt, April 30th CANCELLED
24 Apr 2016 Local Groups Meeting: Tool sharpening 24 April
24 Apr 2016 PSN Permabee April 24 - Denistone
18 Apr 2016 PSN Monthly: What's up with the NSW Biodiversity Review? - Corinne Fisher
21 Mar 2016 Film Night: Symphony of the Soil
20 Mar 2016 PSN Permabee March 20 - North Ryde
12 Mar 2016 Hornsby Group Permaculture Garden Tour and Asquith Design
06 Mar 2016 External: The Northside Repair Cafe March 6th, 2016
28 Feb 2016 Design Permabee Carlingford 28th February 2016
25 Feb 2016 Backyard Earthship - guide to self-sufficiency or off-grid living
21 Feb 2016 Local Group February Event Sunday 21st Feb
20 Feb 2016 Living Skills workshop: Fermented & Cultured Drinks, Feb 20th, Waverton
15 Feb 2016 PSN February Gathering – Urban Wild Food Foraging with Diego Bonetto
14 Feb 2016 External: The Northside Repair Cafe 14 Feb 2016
06 Feb 2016 PSN Intro Autumn 2016 - 6 February - 19 March and 2 April
17 Jan 2016 External: The Northside Repair Cafe 17 Jan 2016
10 Jan 2016 External: The Northside Repair Cafe 10 Jan 2016
21 Dec 2015 PSN AGM Meeting 21 December - 7PM
29 Nov 2015 Peoples Climate March Sydney 29 November
26 Nov 2015 PNB - The Conscious Consumer Panel.
21 Nov 2015 Living Skills: Building habitats for beneficial insects
16 Nov 2015 PSN Monthly: Ask the Experts – Member Panel Q&A
01 Nov 2015 Ku-ring-gai Group November Meeting -All welcome
31 Oct 2015 PNB Native Bee Workshop 31 October Kimbriki
25 Oct 2015 PSN October Permabee : Thornleigh
24 Oct 2015 Living Skills Workshop: How to Make Household Products from Beeswax
19 Oct 2015 Disease-proofing ourselves with versatile, easy to grow garden foods – Ann Taylor
17 Oct 2015 Tour to Mudgee 17th and 18th October
11 Oct 2015 Native stingless bees at Ryde - Hunters Hill local group get-together
04 Oct 2015 Ku-ring-gai monthly meeting - Plant guilds & companion planting
24 Sep 2015 PNB Focus on Sustainable Homes - Expert Panel Q&A
21 Sep 2015 Aquaculture: Problem or solution? – Dr Cat Dorey
20 Sep 2015 Learn to Make Eco-friendly Chemical Free Household Products
13 Sep 2015 External: Sustainable House Day - 13 Sept - Save the Day!
12 Sep 2015 External: Fagan Park Eco Garden Working Bee
06 Sep 2015 Food growing forum - pest control
29 Aug 2015 PNB Introduction to Permaculture course
27 Aug 2015 Northern Beaches event: Indira Naidoo- Permaculture for Small Spaces and indoor market
17 Aug 2015 PSN Monthly: DIY Eco Enzyme with Belinda Mao
15 Aug 2015 Living Skills: Urban Foraging Workshop with Diego Bonetto, Sat Aug 15th
08 Aug 2015 Hornsby Local Group Meeting - Craft workshop on protecting crops from insects.
08 Aug 2015 External : Fagan Park Eco Garden Working Bee
05 Aug 2015 Costa Gets Serious about Soils. Bookings Essential!
20 Jul 2015 PSN July Gathering – Life & business in a sustainability nursery, Daniel Yakich
18 Jul 2015 Living Skills workshop: Soap Making, July 18th, Waverton
11 Jul 2015 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Sat 11th July at 2pm
28 Jun 2015 Kimbriki and New Leaf Nursery Tour! Local Groups: Ryde/ Hunters Hill/Willoughby, Sun 28th June at 10:30 am
27 Jun 2015 How to Prune Decidious Fruit Trees - PSN KRG & PSN Education Team
27 Jun 2015 PSN Garden Team - Future permabee design planning
26 Jun 2015 External: FREE Straw bale weekend workshop
25 Jun 2015 PNB Film & Soup Night – Newly released ‘Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective'
20 Jun 2015 Living Skills: Organic Farm Tour & Lunch, Sat June 20th
15 Jun 2015 Permaculture for balconies & small gardens – Indira Naidoo
07 Jun 2015 Hornsby local meeting June 7th - Craft Workshop
03 Jun 2015 External: “Our Food” – World Environment Day celebration
28 May 2015 What is Real Sustainability? Fair Share - Q&A Panel
24 May 2015 Permabee 24 May 2015 - Pennant Hills
18 May 2015 PSN Monthly Gathering – Members Inspiring Members
16 May 2015 Living Skills: Preserving the Harvest workshop, May 16th, Waverton
03 May 2015 IPD – Permaculture Festival – Sun 3rd May - HELP NEEDED
03 May 2015 IPD – Open Garden & Workshops in Denistone – HELP NEEDED
03 May 2015 International Permaculture Day 2015 - In Support of Soil!
20 Apr 2015 Powering a Permaculture Home – Nevin Sweeney
19 Apr 2015 Permabee 19 April 2015 - Permapatch - LaneCove/ Chatswood
19 Apr 2015 Living Skills: Wild mushroom hunt, April 19th
18 Apr 2015 Rocket stoves! Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Sat 18th April at 2pm
26 Mar 2015 Social Permaculture with Elisabeth Bastian
22 Mar 2015 Permabee & Kombucha Workshop
21 Mar 2015 Living Skills: Wild mushroom hunt, March 21st
21 Mar 2015 External event : Sydney Sustainable Living Festival
16 Mar 2015 Frogs of Sydney & how to make them feel at home - Martyn Robinson
15 Mar 2015 PSN Permabee 15 March 2015 - Has been Cancelled
01 Mar 2015 Hornsby Local Group – 1st March
26 Feb 2015 PNB Aquaponics Presentation - Floyd Constable 26 Feb 2015
21 Feb 2015 Living Skills: Fermented Foods: Summer Vegetables, Cultured Drinks Feb 21st, Waverton
21 Feb 2015 Introduction to Permaculture course 21-22 Feb 2015
21 Feb 2015 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - All About Soils
20 Feb 2015 External Event: DR VandanaShiva: Planet on a Plate
16 Feb 2015 PSN Monthly Meeting February 2015
15 Feb 2015 Permabee 15 February 2015 - Mosman
01 Feb 2015 Hornsby Local Group - February 2015
01 Feb 2015 Permaculture photo competition
20 Dec 2014 Living Skills workshop: Soap Making, December 20th, Denistone
18 Dec 2014 PNB Feast Christmas Party - Thur 18 December
15 Dec 2014 PSN AGM Meeting 15 December - 7PM
14 Dec 2014 Ku-rin g-gai Group Meeting
29 Nov 2014 Open Permaculture Gardens - Nov 29-30 EXTERNAL EVENT
29 Nov 2014 PNB: Permabee at Kimbriki Eco Garden and Microgreens Workshop
29 Nov 2014 Do plants have pool partys?
27 Nov 2014 PNB: Rosemary Morrow - Special Guest Speaker
17 Nov 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker – Monday 17th November – Fermenting with Margaret Mossakowska
15 Nov 2014 Ku-ring-gai meeting - growing vegetables
15 Nov 2014 Living Skills workshop: Building a Maggot Farm, November 15th, 2-4 pm, Denistone
15 Nov 2014 External Event: Super Adobe Dome Building Workshop
09 Nov 2014 Helpful Herbs for you & your garden - Hornsby group & friends
08 Nov 2014 PNB : Native Bee Workshop with Allyson Appt 8 November
01 Nov 2014 PSN Local Group Co-ordinators meeting - Nov 1
01 Nov 2014 CANCELLED PSN Open Garden - Denistone
26 Oct 2014 External Event : PNB & Brookvale Show 26 October
23 Oct 2014 PNB "Queen of the Sun" Film Screening 23 Oct 7:15pm
20 Oct 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker 20th Oct - Eamonn O'Flaherty from LETS Sydney
19 Oct 2014 Octobers permabee
18 Oct 2014 Living Skills workshop: Healing Herbs: Medicinal Preparations, October 18th, 2-4 pm, Waverton
15 Oct 2014 External: Chatswood Film Night & Discussion: Our Food and Water Under Threat
10 Oct 2014 External Event : Fair Food Week 10-19 October 2014
28 Sep 2014 PNB Permatour September 28, Bungan
25 Sep 2014 PNB Seed Savers Meeting September 25
23 Sep 2014 Mushroom Farm Visit-learn to grow mushrooms
20 Sep 2014 Living Skills: Spring Bush Tucker Tour with Jake Cassar - September 20th
20 Sep 2014 September permabee
15 Sep 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker 15th Sept - Ronni Kahn, Founder & CEO of Oz Harvest
14 Sep 2014 City of Ryde : Healthy and Sustainable Living at Home : Bookings Essential
14 Sep 2014 Hornsby Local Group September meeting
14 Sep 2014 Permaculture Gardens Open for Sustainable House Day, Sep 14th
13 Sep 2014 PNB Manly Vale Community Garden celebrates 4 years on September 13
07 Sep 2014 Sustainable House Day, Sep 7th
28 Aug 2014 Grow the Best Backyard Vegetables Possible
24 Aug 2014 Augusts Permabee called off.
18 Aug 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker 18th Aug - Pete the Permie - Permaculture Professional & Heritage Fruit-tree Specialist
17 Aug 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - August 17th - 2.30 pm
17 Aug 2014 Aboriginal Heritage Sites Tour
16 Aug 2014 Living Skills workshop: Natural Skincare. August 16th, 2-4 pm, Waverton
10 Aug 2014 PSN Hornsby Group August Meeting
09 Aug 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 9th August at 2pm
27 Jul 2014 PNB: July Edible Weed Tour **Fully Booked**
27 Jul 2014 The July permabee Chris & Margaret are making their wicking beds!
24 Jul 2014 PNB: Want to Cut Down on the Chemicals in your Garden and your Lifestyle?
21 Jul 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker 21st July - Reece Turner – Renewable Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace
19 Jul 2014 Living Skills: Fermented Foods: Winter Vegetables, Cultured Drinks July 19th, Waverton
12 Jul 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 12th July at 2pm
10 Jul 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - July meeting
29 Jun 2014 Talks and SiteTour Narara Ecovillage
27 Jun 2014 Transition Sydney Event: David Holmgren & Nicole Foss
26 Jun 2014 Aboriginal Heritage on the Northern Beaches
22 Jun 2014 Advanced Composting Workshop
22 Jun 2014 A food forest for the June permabee
21 Jun 2014 CANCELLED: Tool Sharpening Workshop, June 21st
16 Jun 2014 PSN Monthly Meeting June 16 - A celebration of bees: Film night featuring MORE THAN HONEY, plus more!
15 Jun 2014 Living Skills: Winter Bush Tucker Tour with Jake Cassar - June 15th
14 Jun 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 14th June at 2pm
08 Jun 2014 Hornsby Group June meeting
25 May 2014 willoughby local group meeting
25 May 2014 Willoughby Local group meeting
19 May 2014 PSN Monthly Meeting May 19 - David Burgess
18 May 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Sunday 18th May at 10 am
10 May 2014 PSN Introduction to Permaculture Course May-June 2014
04 May 2014 International Permaculture Day : Open Garden list
30 Apr 2014 International Permaculture Day : Coal Loader Events
27 Apr 2014 Cecilia’s April permabee.
13 Apr 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - Sunday 13th April - Digging the Dirt - All welcome
13 Apr 2014 Willoughby Local group meeting
13 Apr 2014 willoughby local group meeting
13 Apr 2014 Hornsby Local Group - Sunday 13th April - Challenging Blocks
12 Apr 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 12th April at 2pm
06 Apr 2014 Wild mushroom picking tour & preserving - Sunday April 6th
30 Mar 2014 March reed bed permabee
17 Mar 2014 PSN Monthly Meeting March 17 - Angus Stewart
16 Mar 2014 Hornsby Shire Healthy Living Festival
15 Mar 2014 Wild mushroom picking tour & preserving - March 15
09 Mar 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - 9th March - Composting - citrus growing-computer research skills- All welcome
04 Mar 2014 Local Group Co-ordinators Meeting - Tuesday 4th March at 7 pm
02 Mar 2014 Willoughby Local Group
02 Mar 2014 PSN Member Open Garden - Epping
01 Mar 2014 Be part of Sydney's Mardi Gras with our Permaculture float!
23 Feb 2014 The first Permabee for 2014
17 Feb 2014 PSN Monthly Meeting February 17 - Mike Mobbs
16 Feb 2014 Create your own first aid kit - with Pat Collins - Ku-ring-gai Council
15 Feb 2014 Living Skills: Bush Tucker Tour with Jake Cassar - February 15th
09 Feb 2014 Hornsby Group Gathering - Sunday 9th Feb - Seed Saving
08 Feb 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 8th February at 2pm
23 Jan 2014 Permaculture Northern Beaches: Peter Clarke presenting insights into Tetragonula Carbonaria, the 'sugarbag' bee
12 Jan 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group
21 Dec 2013 Living Skills: Building native bees and microbats habitats
16 Dec 2013 PSN AGM Monday 16 December - Costa as Green Santa
14 Dec 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday December 14th at 2pm
10 Dec 2013 Local Groups Co-ordinators meeting - Tuesday December 10th at 7:30 pm
08 Dec 2013 Ku-ring-gai Local Group December Meeting
08 Dec 2013 Hornsby Local Group Christmas Celebration
01 Dec 2013 Willoughby Local Group Meeting
28 Nov 2013 Film Premier Organic Agriculture versus Monsanto's GM
23 Nov 2013 Living Skills: Natural Skin and Hair Care Products Workshop with Pat Collins
18 Nov 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting November 18 - Peter Rutherford
17 Nov 2013 Ku-ring-gai Local Group meeting
14 Nov 2013 Lane Cover & North Sydney Council - Grant Writing Seminar
09 Nov 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday November 9th at 2pm
03 Nov 2013 Hornsby Local Group meeting
27 Oct 2013 October Permabee is heating up!
26 Oct 2013 Western Sydney Permaculture: Brew Your Own Beer
26 Oct 2013 PSN Willoughby Local group October Meeting
21 Oct 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting October 21 - Frogs and Bees : Martyn Robinson, Australian Museum Naturalist
19 Oct 2013 Living Skills: Introduction to Fermenting workshop
19 Oct 2013 Granny Smith Festival Eastwood October 19: Ryde-Hunters Hill Monthly Get Together - Our Permaculture Stand
19 Oct 2013 PSN Introduction to Permaculture Course
13 Oct 2013 PSN Ku-ring-gai Local Group: A Crafty Christmas
13 Oct 2013 Hornsby Members only Monthly Gathering October 13: Native bees
22 Sep 2013 Willoughby Local Group Meeting
22 Sep 2013 Back to School for September Permabee.
21 Sep 2013 Living Skills: All About Seeds workshop + Seed Savers bank
21 Sep 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday September 21st at 2pm
16 Sep 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting September 16 - Jill Finnane
15 Sep 2013 Bushland Festival, Hornsby's Monthly Gathering September 15: Our Permaculture Stand
25 Aug 2013 Ku-ring-gai Wildflower and Garden Festival
19 Aug 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting August 19: Jake Cassar
18 Aug 2013 August permabee @ Gordon
17 Aug 2013 Living Skills: Polypipe Wicking System workshop with Richard Brassil
11 Aug 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Sunday August 11th at 2pm
11 Aug 2013 Hornsby Monthly Gathering August 11: Seed Saving Workshop with Jannine Ord
10 Aug 2013 Ku-ring-gai Group Monthly Gathering
10 Aug 2013 Willoughby Local Group meeting on Saturday August 10, 2 to 4pm
29 Jul 2013 Local Groups meeting Monday July 29th at 7pm
21 Jul 2013 July 21st Water garden permabee
20 Jul 2013 Willoughby local group meeting Saturday July 20th, 2-5pm
20 Jul 2013 Living Skills: Soap Making Workshop on July 20th
15 Jul 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting July 15: DAVID HOLMGREN
14 Jul 2013 Harvest your own Bamboo, Asquith, Sunday 14 July
14 Jul 2013 Come & see the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Permaculture Garden site!
13 Jul 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday July 13th at 2pm
27 Jun 2013 Northern Beaches Monthly Meet up
23 Jun 2013 Public Afternoon tea at Permapatch Lane Cove
17 Jun 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting 17/6: WATER HARVESTING
15 Jun 2013 Living Skills: Felting workshop with India Betar
09 Jun 2013 Seasonal planting workshop, Epping, 9 June
08 Jun 2013 Deep Ecology Workshop
25 May 2013 Living Skills: Olive Curing Workshop on May 25th
21 May 2013 Living Skills: Secateurs and knives sharpening workshop
20 May 2013 PSN May Monthly Meet up - Dr Cat Dorey of Greenpeace Australia
11 May 2013 Willoughby local group meeting Saturday May 11th, 2-5pm
11 May 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday May 11th 1:30-4pm
05 May 2013 Rosemary and Barry Hadaway farewell
05 May 2013 Volunteers needed for International Permaculture Day
01 May 2013 The Greenhorns (film night) with Nth Sydney Coal Loader and Peter Rutherford
28 Apr 2013 Willoughby local group meeting Sunday April 28th 2:30-5pm
21 Apr 2013 April 21 Permabee
20 Apr 2013 Wild mushroom picking tour & preserving - April 20th
18 Apr 2013 The Chikukwa Project - From Malnutrition to Abundance - Permaculture tackles hunger in Africa
15 Apr 2013 PSN April Monthly meeting - Aquaponics
13 Apr 2013 Cage building workshop
13 Apr 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday April 13th 2:00-4pm
24 Mar 2013 Willoughby local group meeting Sunday March 24th 2:30-5pm
24 Mar 2013 PSN Open Garden - Berowra Heights
18 Mar 2013 PSN Monthly meeting
17 Mar 2013 March 17th Permabee
16 Mar 2013 Wild mushroom picking tour & preserving - March 16
09 Mar 2013 Next Ku-ring-gai Local Group meeting Saturday 9th 2-5pm
28 Feb 2013 Grow Your Own Food presented by Permaculture Northern Beaches & Costa Georgiadis
24 Feb 2013 PSN Open Garden - Chatswood
19 Dec 2012 Charlie Mgee and Cello Joe gig
17 Dec 2012 AGM & End of Year Celebration [Dec monthly mtg]
19 Nov 2012 Bag It - Is your life too plastic? - doco screening [Nov monthly mtg]
27 Oct 2012 COURSE: 'A Taste of Permaculture'
20 Oct 2012 PSN Weed identification and product workshop
15 Oct 2012 PSN October Monthly Meeting
13 Oct 2012 PSN HORNSBY Group Gathering Sat 13 October, 1.45 pm, Pennant Hills FILM/BULK BUYING/30-MIN BLITZ
06 Oct 2012 Living Skills Workshop: Sour Dough Bread Making
17 Sep 2012 The Answer is in the Room - Q&A [Sept monthly mtg]
08 Sep 2012 PSN Hornsby Local Group Event
26 Aug 2012 PSN Open Garden - Gladesville
20 Aug 2012 PSN August Monthly Meeting - Mon 20th August, Lindfield Seniors, 7 - 730 Kick Off
19 Aug 2012 Community Nursery & Food Garden Permabee - Ryde
17 Aug 2012 PSN fundraising raffle to be drawn (prize is dinner & tapas cooking class for 2 at a sustainable restaurant (valued at $280)
11 Aug 2012 PSN Ku-ring-gai local group’s August meeting.
04 Aug 2012 Living Skills Workshop: Chicken Coop
26 Jul 2012 Growing Change - A journey inside Venezuela's food revolution
19 Jul 2012 Sustain - Your natural and organic lifestyle show
16 Jul 2012 Beyond Zero Emissions with Geoff Cameron [Jul monthly mtg]
15 Jul 2012 Tree Pruning Workshop
14 Jul 2012 Keeping Chickens Forum
07 Jul 2012 Sewing workshop: Laptop/IPad Bag
18 Jun 2012 Earthship Biotecture & sustainable building [Jun monthly mtg]
02 Jun 2012 Sewing workshop
21 May 2012 Sharing APC11 & NPD experiences [May monthly mtg]
12 May 2012 Guided mushroom picking tour - 12th May
07 May 2012 Education Team Consultation Session
06 May 2012 International Permaculture Day - 6th May
05 May 2012 Olive Curing Workshop
16 Apr 2012 Show and Tell [Apr monthly mtg]
14 Apr 2012 Guided Mushroom Picking Tour - 14th April
19 Mar 2012 Screening of "The Chikukwa Project" trailer by Gillian & Terry Leahy [Mar monthly mtg]
03 Mar 2012 PSN Pasta Making Workshop
20 Feb 2012 Screening of "Urban Permaculutre" by Frank Gapinski [Feb monthly mtg]
04 Feb 2012 PSN Tomato Preserving Workshop
22 Dec 2011 PSN Christmas Break
19 Dec 2011 PSN DECEMBER MEETING - AGM & Christmas Party
10 Dec 2011 Hornsby Local Group - Seed Saving
10 Dec 2011 North Sydney Local Group - Introduction to Seed Saving
03 Dec 2011 PSN Tofu Making Workshop
21 Nov 2011 PSN NOVEMBER MEETING - Members Show & Tell Night
19 Nov 2011 The Annual PSN Regional Tour!
05 Nov 2011 Bread Making Workshop
29 Oct 2011 Organic Fair at Allsun Farm
27 Oct 2011 Creating Backyard Habitats
08 Oct 2011 Wood Fired Oven Construction
01 Oct 2011 Ginger Beer & Cordial Making Workshop
22 Sep 2011 ANIMA MUNDI FILM - presented by the PSN Warringah, Pittwater, Manly LG
19 Sep 2011 September 2011 Meeting - Munir and Mittul Vahanvati: Explorations in Bamboo Construction
17 Sep 2011 Hands On Bamboo Construction
10 Sep 2011 Eco-Garden Stall at the Narrabeen Lakes Public School Fete
04 Sep 2011 What is Permaculture
03 Sep 2011 Beer Making Workshop
28 Aug 2011 Kitchen Garden Workshop - The Spring Garden
27 Aug 2011 Seed Sharing and Seed Savers Monthly Meeting
25 Aug 2011 Energy Efficiency in the Home
25 Aug 2011 David Holmgren Launching Permaculture Pioneers - Paddington
15 Aug 2011 August 2011 Meeting - Diversity in Design - Heritage Fruit Trees with Pete the Permie
14 Aug 2011 EVENT FULL - Heritage Fruit Trees - Pruning and Grafting Workshop
13 Aug 2011 Trading Day in North Sydney - Local Energy Trading Systems (LETS)
04 Aug 2011 PSN Stall at Organic Expo and Green Show
18 Jul 2011 JULY 2011 MEETING: Gary Caganoff & his Movie

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