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Permaculture Sydney North creates empowered, resilient and sustainable communities by teaching people skills in permaculture and self sufficiency.  We run a range of practical, hand-on workshops and courses, and we bring in guest speakers on a range of topics close to our hearts. Our education is fun and a great way to connect with a like-minded community.  Many events are free for members, and our paid courses are affordably priced. 

Upcoming events

    • 19 Apr 2015
    • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Meeting at Blackheath for a drive to pine forests
    • 15
    Registration is closed

    Living Skills: April Mushroom Hunt

    This is the second and LAST mushroom hunt in 2015 and the registrations are open to members only!

    The recent weather has been great for mushroom growing so we should see plenty when we go to one of the State Forests beyond Blue Mountains. You will learn to identify and collect edible mushrooms, then prepare a scrumptious lunch and also learn how to preserve the bounty. Your guide will be Margaret Mossakowska.

    Small knife, fork, eating bowl/plate, water, drinks (wine if you wish), and a perforated container for collected mushrooms (wicker or plastic baskets are the best). Be warned that we do pick a lot so don’t bring something too small.

    If you would like to pickle some of your harvest, bring a few sterilised jars (100-200g size) with lids.

    Please wear good shoes and warm clothes, including rain gear.

    If you would like to register please click the button to the left or email mmossakowska@yahoo.com.au

    By popular demand a second 2014 Living Skills mushroom picking tour beyond Blue Mountains is open for registrations!

    As usual, we will go to one of the State Forests, identify and collect edible mushrooms (Saffron Caps and Slippery Jacks). These are easily recognised (also recommended by the State Forests), but just to be sure, Margaret will check all finds in your baskets.

    Then we will prepare a tasty lunch and also learn how to preserve the bounty by pickling

    Your guide will be Margaret Mossakowska.

    Small knife, fork, eating bowl/plate, water, drinks (wine if you wish), and a perforated container for collected mushrooms (wicker or plastic baskets are the best). Be warned that we do pick a lot so don’t bring something too small.

    If you would like to pickle some of your harvest, bring a few sterilised jars (100-200g size) with lids.
    Please wear good shoes and warm clothes, including rain gear.
    If you would like to register please click the button to the left or email mmossakowska@yahoo.com.au
    • 19 Apr 2015
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Uniting Church, Cnr Mowbray and Pacific Highway, Lane Cove/Chatswood

    April sees the Garden team helping out at the Permapatch, a community garden located behind the old Uniting Church on the corner of Pacific Highway and Mowbray Road.

    Permapatch promotes and practices composting, companion planting, animal husbandary, community, local action and sustainability. 

    The days priority will be the building of a brick retaining wall to hold back woodchips to stop drains clogging up.  Though there will also be plenty of opportunity to seen and learn about the various parts of the garden.  Think wicking bed, bees, chickens, fruit trees, Asian herbs and veg, herb spiral, horseshoe beds, no-dig beds, private and general beds, the Permavan with a balcony display garden, sun and shade, and a huge hydroponics system with salad and strawberries, converting to aquaponics. 

    Lets not forget the new wood-fired pizza oven that will be fired up on the day, so we can enjoy pizza on the day. 

    Mandy Stubbs, the President of the garden, will be available to to provide a talk about the gardens.  

    As mentioned lunch will be provided, though we need to bring our own morning and afternoon tea.  Don't forget your mug!

    Be sure to register. 

    • 20 Apr 2015
    • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Lindfield Community Centre, 259 Pacific Highway, Lindfield.

    Nevin Sweeney, permaculturist, inventor and handyman knows the value of the sun25 years of experimenting with solar power has reduced his household electricity bills to almost nothing.

    Nevin Sweeney and his wife Linda have lived in western Sydney for over 35 years and for 30 years or more of it have been attempting to live a self-reliant, sustainable lifestyle with varying degrees of success. 

    Solar Panels

    Nevin says: "We have a grid connected 1 kW photovoltaic system that has been in since the start of 2009, but we have had a stand alone system in place for over 25 years. All of these units continue to pump electricity into my batteries whenever there is light shining on them, they require little maintenance, don’t annoy the neighbours and have no on-going costs associated with them."

    Nevin & his wife Linda also have a selection of solar cookers, including a solar oven where they cook bread, and a solar drier for those excess veggies.

    You can be even more inspired about Nevin & Linda's home & garden on their website Under the Choko Tree. 

    You can hear all about Nevin's solar experiences 1st hand on Monday 20th April at 7pm (supper at 8:30pm) at the Lindfield Community Centre, 259 Pacific Highway, Lindfield.

    $5 non-members. Free for PSN members. Doors open at 6.30pm when you can check out our library, pick up a bargain at the reuse roundabout, or some produce from our members. Please join us for supper afterwards at 8.30 pm and bring a mug for tea. 

    • 23 Apr 2015
    • 7:15 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Lakeview Room, Narrabeen Tramshed Arts and Community Center, 1395 Pittwater Rd Narrabeen.

    Frances Bodkin, known to many as 'Aunty Fran', is a D’harawal woman of the Bitter Water Clans. Her mother was a storyteller, and her grandmother and great grandmother were medicine women. Not only is she now an elder, knowledge-holder and teacher of the D’harawal people, she is also a Western scientist with degrees in climatology, geomorphology and environmental science.  Frances is also a recognised botanist, and is the author of 'Encyclopaedia Botanica', which has over 11,000 entries on Australian native plants. She has also published ‘D’harawal: Seasons and Climatic Cycles’, exploring ecological indicators of climatic changes. She works tirelessly to teach traditional Indigenous 'science' and enable a deeper understanding of, and an ability to care for, our natural environment.

    "Having Aboriginal knowledge recognised as a science, to me, is one of the most passionate ambitions that I have. And Aboriginal knowledge is a science, because two of the most important elements of any of our sciences is observation and actual experience. And those observations and experiences have been put into story. Some of those observations - some of our science - goes back 80,000 years." Frances Bodkin - ABC, Message Stick.

    Since 1998 Frances has worked as an Indigenous Education Officer at Mount Annan Botanic Gardens. This is where she combines her formidable knowledge of Australian botany with her invaluable knowledge of D’harawal creation, history and law, and shares her ancestors' stories to teach future generations about our environment and it's animals, birds and insects which inhabit the land.

    "I shall be talking about the importance of plant associations in our bushland and in the production of our medicines and food. It is a subject which has been close to my heart for a very long while, and it has long been my dream to enable people to have their own chemist shop growing in their backyards, or even in common areas near their homes. I began this project before I left school, and have been collecting information ever since. As the technology became available I learned more, and added that knowledge to the work - which now, although still incomplete - numbers some 3,000 pages, and that is confined only to the Sydney Region." Fran says of her PNB presentation.

    Please join us in welcoming Aunty Fran Bodkin to the northern beaches for an evening of aboriginal knowledge and science.

    Members free - Visitors by donation

    Please feel free to also contribute on the night to our:
    - 60 Second Shout-out - Join in our permaculture community and share your news, projects and events to the group.
    - Fair Share Table - swap or give away anything you wish from seeds, plants, books or fruit.
    - Share a small plate for communal supper following our guest speaker.
    - Organic teas and coffee are also available.

    • 03 May 2015
    • All over Sydney!
    This year, International Permaculture Day (IPD) 2015 is celebrating the International Year of Soils.

    Healthy soil makes for healthy people, animals and plants; it provides the foundation for all life on land. Soil gives us food, clean water, clean air, medicine, fibre and fuel, it’s also a climate regulator and buffer.

    But soil is under threat. Today almost one third of the planet’s surface is classed as desert and a quarter of all agricultural soils have been lost. The remaining topsoil is depleted and could vanish within 60 years. The good news is that we can restore our soils and, at the same time, solve other global challenges. The key lies in rebuilding topsoil to bring back life to the land.

    Permaculture can do this and we need to spread the word!

    PSN will be part of IPD as usual, with some of our members opening their gardens to the public. We will also help publicise other events, so please watch this space!

    If you want to open your garden please let our Gardens Team know by emailing: garden@permaculturenorth.org.au

    If you can help at one of our open gardens events, please let our Shows Team know by emailing: shows@permaculturenorth.org.au

    You can find out more and register your own event on the official Permaculture Day 2015 website.

    • 03 May 2015
    • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • 14 Burmah Road, Denistone, Sydney
    Our PSN President, Margaret Mossakowska, will open her beautiful permaculture garden at 14 Burmah Road, Denistone, for International Permaculture Day on Sunday May 3rd from 10am-4pm.

    This award-winning garden recently won 2nd place in the "Best Edible Garden" category in a City of Ryde gardening competition.

    Visitors will get to see a large suburban garden with a full range of permaculture features: raised beds, wicking beds, swales, guilds, composting, worm farm, ponds,  chicken run, rabbit run, and more. The garden contains edible and medicinal herbs, a wide variety of vegetables, a banana circle and other fruit trees, and native plants.

    We need members to volunteer to help on the day (in shifts):
    • 2-4 knowledgeable people for the permaculture stall
    • 1-2 people for the food stall 
    • 1-2 people for the plant selling table
    • someone to run an interesting workshop to attract people from outside PSN

    If you can help, please email Margaret on: president@permaculturenorth.org.au

    Margaret's place is easy to get to by public transport - just a 10 min walk from Denistone station and 15 min from Eastwood station.

    • 03 May 2015
    • 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • 1 Wilson Street, Ingelside , off Powderworks Road (opposite New Leaf Nursery).

    To help celebrate International Permaculture Day in a big way our Northern Beaches team will be holding its first 'Permaculture Festival' as part of the global movement. Be part of our community and get involved!

    From 12–4pm on Sunday May 3 we will be having a festival that includes: Workshops on gardening in small spaces and balconies, living skills, permaculture design, native bees, raised beds, permaculture for kids. PLUS food, kumbucha and chai tea, music and kids activities.

    The festival will be in a field that uses permaculture principles and you can also inquire about having an allotment there in the future.

    Volunteers are needed to help make this happen. Please let us know if you can contribute in some way.  Please check out our volunteer form at:http://www.permaculturenorthernbeaches.org.au/volunteer 

    Many hands make light work!

    Please join us on Sunday 3rd May, 12-4pm at 1 Wilson Street, Ingelside , off Powderworks Road (opposite New Leaf Nursery).

    • 17 May 2015
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • We could be at your place!
    Do you have a Permaculture Garden design needing help to bring to life, Northern Sydney area?

    Contact the Permaculture Sydney North Garden Team via garden@permaculture.org.au to discuss your plans.  We may be able to arrange a group of keen volunteer gardens to help bring it to life. 

    • 07 Jun 2015
    • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Gordon
    • 13

    Liz Nakhla has agreed to host our June local Hornsby monthly meeting on Sunday 7th June 2pm - 4pm. (this is a long weekend so we hope to see you all).

    She has devised some easy to create crafts that can be used to make your gardening and propagating easier.

    Identifying the seeds you have diligently collected is so much easier when collected in her seed envelopes.

    Repurposed and recyed objects like a dibbler for planting seeds.

    A box for storing your seeds

    A fluttering cabbage butterfly to chase away any marauding types

    Liz will show us around her vegetable garden/chickens and here we will discover some more items that she has saved from becoming land fill and repurposed. 

    Bring along 

    • something to share for afternoon tea.
    • a chair to sit on
    • pen, scissors and glue


Past events

18 Apr 2015 Rocket stoves! Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Sat 18th April at 2pm
26 Mar 2015 Social Permaculture with Elisabeth Bastian
22 Mar 2015 Permabee & Kombucha Workshop
21 Mar 2015 Living Skills: Wild mushroom hunt, March 21st
21 Mar 2015 External event : Sydney Sustainable Living Festival
16 Mar 2015 Frogs of Sydney & how to make them feel at home - Martyn Robinson
15 Mar 2015 PSN Permabee 15 March 2015 - Has been Cancelled
01 Mar 2015 Hornsby Local Group – 1st March
26 Feb 2015 PNB Aquaponics Presentation - Floyd Constable 26 Feb 2015
21 Feb 2015 Living Skills: Fermented Foods: Summer Vegetables, Cultured Drinks Feb 21st, Waverton
21 Feb 2015 Introduction to Permaculture course 21-22 Feb 2015
21 Feb 2015 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - All About Soils
20 Feb 2015 External Event: DR VandanaShiva: Planet on a Plate
16 Feb 2015 PSN Monthly Meeting February 2015
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01 Feb 2015 Hornsby Local Group - February 2015
01 Feb 2015 Permaculture photo competition
20 Dec 2014 Living Skills workshop: Soap Making, December 20th, Denistone
18 Dec 2014 PNB Feast Christmas Party - Thur 18 December
15 Dec 2014 PSN AGM Meeting 15 December - 7PM
14 Dec 2014 Ku-rin g-gai Group Meeting
29 Nov 2014 Open Permaculture Gardens - Nov 29-30 EXTERNAL EVENT
29 Nov 2014 PNB: Permabee at Kimbriki Eco Garden and Microgreens Workshop
29 Nov 2014 Do plants have pool partys?
27 Nov 2014 PNB: Rosemary Morrow - Special Guest Speaker
17 Nov 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker – Monday 17th November – Fermenting with Margaret Mossakowska
15 Nov 2014 Ku-ring-gai meeting - growing vegetables
15 Nov 2014 Living Skills workshop: Building a Maggot Farm, November 15th, 2-4 pm, Denistone
15 Nov 2014 External Event: Super Adobe Dome Building Workshop
09 Nov 2014 Helpful Herbs for you & your garden - Hornsby group & friends
08 Nov 2014 PNB : Native Bee Workshop with Allyson Appt 8 November
01 Nov 2014 PSN Local Group Co-ordinators meeting - Nov 1
01 Nov 2014 CANCELLED PSN Open Garden - Denistone
26 Oct 2014 External Event : PNB & Brookvale Show 26 October
23 Oct 2014 PNB "Queen of the Sun" Film Screening 23 Oct 7:15pm
20 Oct 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker 20th Oct - Eamonn O'Flaherty from LETS Sydney
19 Oct 2014 Octobers permabee
18 Oct 2014 Living Skills workshop: Healing Herbs: Medicinal Preparations, October 18th, 2-4 pm, Waverton
15 Oct 2014 External: Chatswood Film Night & Discussion: Our Food and Water Under Threat
10 Oct 2014 External Event : Fair Food Week 10-19 October 2014
28 Sep 2014 PNB Permatour September 28, Bungan
25 Sep 2014 PNB Seed Savers Meeting September 25
23 Sep 2014 Mushroom Farm Visit-learn to grow mushrooms
20 Sep 2014 Living Skills: Spring Bush Tucker Tour with Jake Cassar - September 20th
20 Sep 2014 September permabee
15 Sep 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker 15th Sept - Ronni Kahn, Founder & CEO of Oz Harvest
14 Sep 2014 City of Ryde : Healthy and Sustainable Living at Home : Bookings Essential
14 Sep 2014 Hornsby Local Group September meeting
14 Sep 2014 Permaculture Gardens Open for Sustainable House Day, Sep 14th
13 Sep 2014 PNB Manly Vale Community Garden celebrates 4 years on September 13
07 Sep 2014 Sustainable House Day, Sep 7th
28 Aug 2014 Grow the Best Backyard Vegetables Possible
24 Aug 2014 Augusts Permabee called off.
18 Aug 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker 18th Aug - Pete the Permie - Permaculture Professional & Heritage Fruit-tree Specialist
17 Aug 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - August 17th - 2.30 pm
17 Aug 2014 Aboriginal Heritage Sites Tour
16 Aug 2014 Living Skills workshop: Natural Skincare. August 16th, 2-4 pm, Waverton
10 Aug 2014 PSN Hornsby Group August Meeting
09 Aug 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 9th August at 2pm
27 Jul 2014 PNB: July Edible Weed Tour **Fully Booked**
27 Jul 2014 The July permabee Chris & Margaret are making their wicking beds!
24 Jul 2014 PNB: Want to Cut Down on the Chemicals in your Garden and your Lifestyle?
21 Jul 2014 PSN Monthly Speaker 21st July - Reece Turner – Renewable Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace
19 Jul 2014 Living Skills: Fermented Foods: Winter Vegetables, Cultured Drinks July 19th, Waverton
12 Jul 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 12th July at 2pm
10 Jul 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - July meeting
29 Jun 2014 Talks and SiteTour Narara Ecovillage
27 Jun 2014 Transition Sydney Event: David Holmgren & Nicole Foss
26 Jun 2014 Aboriginal Heritage on the Northern Beaches
22 Jun 2014 Advanced Composting Workshop
22 Jun 2014 A food forest for the June permabee
21 Jun 2014 CANCELLED: Tool Sharpening Workshop, June 21st
16 Jun 2014 PSN Monthly Meeting June 16 - A celebration of bees: Film night featuring MORE THAN HONEY, plus more!
15 Jun 2014 Living Skills: Winter Bush Tucker Tour with Jake Cassar - June 15th
14 Jun 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 14th June at 2pm
08 Jun 2014 Hornsby Group June meeting
25 May 2014 willoughby local group meeting
25 May 2014 Willoughby Local group meeting
19 May 2014 PSN Monthly Meeting May 19 - David Burgess
18 May 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Sunday 18th May at 10 am
10 May 2014 PSN Introduction to Permaculture Course May-June 2014
04 May 2014 International Permaculture Day : Open Garden list
30 Apr 2014 International Permaculture Day : Coal Loader Events
27 Apr 2014 Cecilia’s April permabee.
13 Apr 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - Sunday 13th April - Digging the Dirt - All welcome
13 Apr 2014 Willoughby Local group meeting
13 Apr 2014 willoughby local group meeting
13 Apr 2014 Hornsby Local Group - Sunday 13th April - Challenging Blocks
12 Apr 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 12th April at 2pm
06 Apr 2014 Wild mushroom picking tour & preserving - Sunday April 6th
30 Mar 2014 March reed bed permabee
17 Mar 2014 PSN Monthly Meeting March 17 - Angus Stewart
16 Mar 2014 Hornsby Shire Healthy Living Festival
15 Mar 2014 Wild mushroom picking tour & preserving - March 15
09 Mar 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group - 9th March - Composting - citrus growing-computer research skills- All welcome
04 Mar 2014 Local Group Co-ordinators Meeting - Tuesday 4th March at 7 pm
02 Mar 2014 Willoughby Local Group
02 Mar 2014 PSN Member Open Garden - Epping
01 Mar 2014 Be part of Sydney's Mardi Gras with our Permaculture float!
23 Feb 2014 The first Permabee for 2014
17 Feb 2014 PSN Monthly Meeting February 17 - Mike Mobbs
16 Feb 2014 Create your own first aid kit - with Pat Collins - Ku-ring-gai Council
15 Feb 2014 Living Skills: Bush Tucker Tour with Jake Cassar - February 15th
09 Feb 2014 Hornsby Group Gathering - Sunday 9th Feb - Seed Saving
08 Feb 2014 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday 8th February at 2pm
23 Jan 2014 Permaculture Northern Beaches: Peter Clarke presenting insights into Tetragonula Carbonaria, the 'sugarbag' bee
12 Jan 2014 Ku-ring-gai Local Group
21 Dec 2013 Living Skills: Building native bees and microbats habitats
16 Dec 2013 PSN AGM Monday 16 December - Costa as Green Santa
14 Dec 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday December 14th at 2pm
10 Dec 2013 Local Groups Co-ordinators meeting - Tuesday December 10th at 7:30 pm
08 Dec 2013 Ku-ring-gai Local Group December Meeting
08 Dec 2013 Hornsby Local Group Christmas Celebration
01 Dec 2013 Willoughby Local Group Meeting
28 Nov 2013 Film Premier Organic Agriculture versus Monsanto's GM
23 Nov 2013 Living Skills: Natural Skin and Hair Care Products Workshop with Pat Collins
18 Nov 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting November 18 - Peter Rutherford
17 Nov 2013 Ku-ring-gai Local Group meeting
14 Nov 2013 Lane Cover & North Sydney Council - Grant Writing Seminar
09 Nov 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday November 9th at 2pm
03 Nov 2013 Hornsby Local Group meeting
27 Oct 2013 October Permabee is heating up!
26 Oct 2013 Western Sydney Permaculture: Brew Your Own Beer
26 Oct 2013 PSN Willoughby Local group October Meeting
21 Oct 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting October 21 - Frogs and Bees : Martyn Robinson, Australian Museum Naturalist
19 Oct 2013 Living Skills: Introduction to Fermenting workshop
19 Oct 2013 Granny Smith Festival Eastwood October 19: Ryde-Hunters Hill Monthly Get Together - Our Permaculture Stand
19 Oct 2013 PSN Introduction to Permaculture Course
13 Oct 2013 PSN Ku-ring-gai Local Group: A Crafty Christmas
13 Oct 2013 Hornsby Members only Monthly Gathering October 13: Native bees
22 Sep 2013 Willoughby Local Group Meeting
22 Sep 2013 Back to School for September Permabee.
21 Sep 2013 Living Skills: All About Seeds workshop + Seed Savers bank
21 Sep 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday September 21st at 2pm
16 Sep 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting September 16 - Jill Finnane
15 Sep 2013 Bushland Festival, Hornsby's Monthly Gathering September 15: Our Permaculture Stand
25 Aug 2013 Ku-ring-gai Wildflower and Garden Festival
19 Aug 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting August 19: Jake Cassar
18 Aug 2013 August permabee @ Gordon
17 Aug 2013 Living Skills: Polypipe Wicking System workshop with Richard Brassil
11 Aug 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Sunday August 11th at 2pm
11 Aug 2013 Hornsby Monthly Gathering August 11: Seed Saving Workshop with Jannine Ord
10 Aug 2013 Ku-ring-gai Group Monthly Gathering
10 Aug 2013 Willoughby Local Group meeting on Saturday August 10, 2 to 4pm
29 Jul 2013 Local Groups meeting Monday July 29th at 7pm
21 Jul 2013 July 21st Water garden permabee
20 Jul 2013 Willoughby local group meeting Saturday July 20th, 2-5pm
20 Jul 2013 Living Skills: Soap Making Workshop on July 20th
15 Jul 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting July 15: DAVID HOLMGREN
14 Jul 2013 Harvest your own Bamboo, Asquith, Sunday 14 July
14 Jul 2013 Come & see the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Permaculture Garden site!
13 Jul 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday July 13th at 2pm
27 Jun 2013 Northern Beaches Monthly Meet up
23 Jun 2013 Public Afternoon tea at Permapatch Lane Cove
17 Jun 2013 PSN Monthly Meeting 17/6: WATER HARVESTING
15 Jun 2013 Living Skills: Felting workshop with India Betar
09 Jun 2013 Seasonal planting workshop, Epping, 9 June
08 Jun 2013 Deep Ecology Workshop
25 May 2013 Living Skills: Olive Curing Workshop on May 25th
21 May 2013 Living Skills: Secateurs and knives sharpening workshop
20 May 2013 PSN May Monthly Meet up - Dr Cat Dorey of Greenpeace Australia
11 May 2013 Willoughby local group meeting Saturday May 11th, 2-5pm
11 May 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday May 11th 1:30-4pm
05 May 2013 Rosemary and Barry Hadaway farewell
05 May 2013 Volunteers needed for International Permaculture Day
01 May 2013 The Greenhorns (film night) with Nth Sydney Coal Loader and Peter Rutherford
28 Apr 2013 Willoughby local group meeting Sunday April 28th 2:30-5pm
21 Apr 2013 April 21 Permabee
20 Apr 2013 Wild mushroom picking tour & preserving - April 20th
18 Apr 2013 The Chikukwa Project - From Malnutrition to Abundance - Permaculture tackles hunger in Africa
15 Apr 2013 PSN April Monthly meeting - Aquaponics
13 Apr 2013 Cage building workshop
13 Apr 2013 Ryde - Hunters Hill local group meeting Saturday April 13th 2:00-4pm
24 Mar 2013 Willoughby local group meeting Sunday March 24th 2:30-5pm
24 Mar 2013 PSN Open Garden - Berowra Heights
18 Mar 2013 PSN Monthly meeting
17 Mar 2013 March 17th Permabee
16 Mar 2013 Wild mushroom picking tour & preserving - March 16
09 Mar 2013 Next Ku-ring-gai Local Group meeting Saturday 9th 2-5pm
28 Feb 2013 Grow Your Own Food presented by Permaculture Northern Beaches & Costa Georgiadis
24 Feb 2013 PSN Open Garden - Chatswood
19 Dec 2012 Charlie Mgee and Cello Joe gig
17 Dec 2012 AGM & End of Year Celebration [Dec monthly mtg]
19 Nov 2012 Bag It - Is your life too plastic? - doco screening [Nov monthly mtg]
27 Oct 2012 COURSE: 'A Taste of Permaculture'
20 Oct 2012 PSN Weed identification and product workshop
15 Oct 2012 PSN October Monthly Meeting
13 Oct 2012 PSN HORNSBY Group Gathering Sat 13 October, 1.45 pm, Pennant Hills FILM/BULK BUYING/30-MIN BLITZ
06 Oct 2012 Living Skills Workshop: Sour Dough Bread Making
17 Sep 2012 The Answer is in the Room - Q&A [Sept monthly mtg]
08 Sep 2012 PSN Hornsby Local Group Event
26 Aug 2012 PSN Open Garden - Gladesville
20 Aug 2012 PSN August Monthly Meeting - Mon 20th August, Lindfield Seniors, 7 - 730 Kick Off
19 Aug 2012 Community Nursery & Food Garden Permabee - Ryde
17 Aug 2012 PSN fundraising raffle to be drawn (prize is dinner & tapas cooking class for 2 at a sustainable restaurant (valued at $280)
11 Aug 2012 PSN Ku-ring-gai local group’s August meeting.
04 Aug 2012 Living Skills Workshop: Chicken Coop
26 Jul 2012 Growing Change - A journey inside Venezuela's food revolution
19 Jul 2012 Sustain - Your natural and organic lifestyle show
16 Jul 2012 Beyond Zero Emissions with Geoff Cameron [Jul monthly mtg]
15 Jul 2012 Tree Pruning Workshop
14 Jul 2012 Keeping Chickens Forum
07 Jul 2012 Sewing workshop: Laptop/IPad Bag
18 Jun 2012 Earthship Biotecture & sustainable building [Jun monthly mtg]
02 Jun 2012 Sewing workshop
21 May 2012 Sharing APC11 & NPD experiences [May monthly mtg]
12 May 2012 Guided mushroom picking tour - 12th May
07 May 2012 Education Team Consultation Session
06 May 2012 International Permaculture Day - 6th May
05 May 2012 Olive Curing Workshop
16 Apr 2012 Show and Tell [Apr monthly mtg]
14 Apr 2012 Guided Mushroom Picking Tour - 14th April
19 Mar 2012 Screening of "The Chikukwa Project" trailer by Gillian & Terry Leahy [Mar monthly mtg]
03 Mar 2012 PSN Pasta Making Workshop
20 Feb 2012 Screening of "Urban Permaculutre" by Frank Gapinski [Feb monthly mtg]
04 Feb 2012 PSN Tomato Preserving Workshop
22 Dec 2011 PSN Christmas Break
19 Dec 2011 PSN DECEMBER MEETING - AGM & Christmas Party
10 Dec 2011 Hornsby Local Group - Seed Saving
10 Dec 2011 North Sydney Local Group - Introduction to Seed Saving
03 Dec 2011 PSN Tofu Making Workshop
21 Nov 2011 PSN NOVEMBER MEETING - Members Show & Tell Night
19 Nov 2011 The Annual PSN Regional Tour!
05 Nov 2011 Bread Making Workshop
29 Oct 2011 Organic Fair at Allsun Farm
27 Oct 2011 Creating Backyard Habitats
08 Oct 2011 Wood Fired Oven Construction
01 Oct 2011 Ginger Beer & Cordial Making Workshop
22 Sep 2011 ANIMA MUNDI FILM - presented by the PSN Warringah, Pittwater, Manly LG
19 Sep 2011 September 2011 Meeting - Munir and Mittul Vahanvati: Explorations in Bamboo Construction
17 Sep 2011 Hands On Bamboo Construction
10 Sep 2011 Eco-Garden Stall at the Narrabeen Lakes Public School Fete
04 Sep 2011 What is Permaculture
03 Sep 2011 Beer Making Workshop
28 Aug 2011 Kitchen Garden Workshop - The Spring Garden
27 Aug 2011 Seed Sharing and Seed Savers Monthly Meeting
25 Aug 2011 Energy Efficiency in the Home
25 Aug 2011 David Holmgren Launching Permaculture Pioneers - Paddington
15 Aug 2011 August 2011 Meeting - Diversity in Design - Heritage Fruit Trees with Pete the Permie
14 Aug 2011 EVENT FULL - Heritage Fruit Trees - Pruning and Grafting Workshop
13 Aug 2011 Trading Day in North Sydney - Local Energy Trading Systems (LETS)
04 Aug 2011 PSN Stall at Organic Expo and Green Show
18 Jul 2011 JULY 2011 MEETING: Gary Caganoff & his Movie

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