External Event : Fair Food Week 10-19 October 2014

  • 10 Oct 2014
  • 14 Oct 2014
  • For locations please check - http://fairfoodweek.org.au/

Fair Food Week encourages the general community to embrace local food production, purchase and consumption.

During Fair Food Week 2014 local communities will host a wide diversity of events ranging from slow cooking and underground restaurants to free training in skills such as making sourdough bread and butchering.

Fair Food Week 2014 celebrates the International Year of Family Farming and supports the Peoples’ Food Plan process, Australia’s first crowd-sourced policy directions document”, he explained.

Fair Food Week 2014 is built around four themes:

  • Beyond the Trolley
  • Support Your Local Community Fair Food Projects and Groups
  • Grow Our Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture
  • Support Gasfield-free Communities.

During the week we will shine a bright light on the innovators, those people who make good things happen, the food-creatives who coax into existence new ideas to produce and distribute good food fairly to we eaters, all of us.

Details are available at www.fairfoodweek.org.au 

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