Living Skills: Fermented Foods: Summer Vegetables, Cultured Drinks Feb 21st, Waverton

  • 21 Feb 2015
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Waverton
  • 2


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Living Skills Workshop
Fermenting: Summer Vegetables and Cultured Drinks
Feb 21st,

If you missed the Winter Vegetables Fermenting session in August, you may want to come to a summer fermented foods workshop, this time on succulent tomatoes, crunchy gherkins and fizzy fruit drinks!

Take this opportunity to acquire fermenting skills to increase beneficial gut flora (that's bacteria and fungi) boosting body's immune system and relieving symptoms of some medical conditions.

Fermenting is a very old method of preserving surplus harvest. As the luscious summer vegetables ripen now, this is the best time to learn how to ferment them to make delicious tomato salsa, fermented gherkins and bubbly jun or kombucha.

Cultured drinks use fungal/bacterial starters to process sugars (such as lactose, fructose etc) in milk, sweetened tea and juices. Milk and water kefir as well as kombucha or jun are the most popular drinks you can make this way.

On top of making a jarful or two of fermented food to take home, you will have an opportunity to try fermented foods and drinks. This workshop will be conducted by a long-time fermenter, Margaret Mossakowska, who familiarised herself with sauerkraut nearly half a century ago.

What to bring:
  • a notebook to make notes
  • a small plate/bowl, a small glass, a spoon and a fork for tasting food and drinks
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