The Art Of Tea

  • 28 May 2020
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Waverton
  • 9


Herbal Tea, Herbs, Tee, Mint, SageTea, Variety, Drink, Healthy, Chinese


with Wendy Pryor

Saturday 28th May   2.00pm to 4.00pm


We will be discussing:

   * How to grow or forage

   * Fresh vs dried, how to preserve & store

   * Properties:  mainly about flavour & may touch on medicinal value

   * Blending

   * Brewing & Methods (hot/cold)

   * Purchasing ethical, sustainable & non-toxic products

            (beware of tea bags)


   * Blending

   * Brewing & Tasting

Please Bring any of the following ingredients, if possible:

   * Fresh or Dried.

   * Home grown or foraged items, or anything sitting around in the pantry -

       - Herbs (eg nettle, mints, lemongrass/balm/verbena, tulsi, sage etc)

       - Weeds (eg dandelion)

       - Tree leaves (eg lemon/aniseed myrtle, wild olive)

       - Roots (eg licorice root)

       - Flowers (eg rose petals, elderflower, lavender, chrysanthemum, dandelion)

       - Spices (eg fennel seed, giner, tumeric)

       - Purchased bases for blending (eg rooibos, yerba mate, raspberry leaf, green, black

              or oolong tea)

Afternoon tea - snack with a tea theme

                       - Komboucha tasting

Bring take away containers and your own cup

Participants will take home:

   * Notes & Resource list

   * Sample they have blended or swapped

   * Komboucha scoby available for those who want some

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