Valuing the marginal - taking permaculture to people living on the edge, with Rowe Morrow

  • 21 Sep 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Zoom

At this month's Zoom meeting we bring back one of our favourite permaculture pioneers, Rosemary (Rowe) Morrow. Rowe is a much loved international teacher and writer – her book Earth User's Guide to Permaculture is a favourite on the shelves of many permies around the world.

For almost 40 years, Rowe has been teaching permaculture, working extensively with farmers and villagers in Africa, Central and South East Asia, and the Middle East. She has dedicated most of these years to the people of war-torn nations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, East Timor and Afghanistan. The last few years she has worked with people incarcerated in refugee camps or whose countries are brutally occupied. Her work really highlights some of the wider implications of the permaculture principles Use edges & value the marginal and Use and value diversity, within the broader values of Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.

Rowe will talk with us about her teaching, and what she has learned herself from some of the most marginalised people, pushed out to the edges of society in some of the most hostile places on earth. She will speak for about 30 minutes and then we'll have a Q&A and discussion session for another 30 minutes – have some questions ready!

"My conviction is that it is the teacher’s graduates that speak most loudly, and where the PDC graduates are competent, engaged permaculturists contributing enormously to Earth’s restoration, then the teacher is reflected in that achievement and inspired to continue teaching." – Rowe Morrow

Instructions for joining via Zoom:

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