A crafty Christmas Party

  • 04 Dec 2021
  • 2:00 PM
  • Lindfield
  • 3


  • Workshop and social gathering


Christmas Party for all, organised  by Ku-ring-gai Local Group. 

Saturday December 4th  at 2pm in Lindfield 

Greetings Everyone

Christmas will be here before we know it, so let’s celebrate. Safely of course, and abiding by whatever are the rules of the day.

Ku-ring-gai Local Group will run its usual Crafty Christmas Party for everyone on the 4th December starting at 2pm.

The first fun bit will be making Christmas decorations out of recycled stuff. We will provide assorted ingredients, clever suggestions and guidance; but if you have pretty things and/or  some brilliant ideas bring them along too. 

The next fun bit will be eating and drinking and chatting  and maybe even some singing If you feel like it. There will be champagne and home made ginger beer (non-alcoholic) on tap but bring whatever you fancy and some festive food to share.  

We are setting the limit at 25 hoping that such numbers will be possible by then , but if the govt limits the numbers then we will very sadly have to tell those latest registered  to come another day.

Hopefully we will all be vaccinated by then.

Please be sure and register before you come – Covid will still be lurking around I am sure, and it is important to obey the rules to the letter, not least because of high fines.

Please  register  - https://www.permaculturenorth.org.au/

Contact: Di Evans devans91eton@gmail.com

 02 94161896  00408253490

See you then (fingers crossed)


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