• 20 May 2012
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
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Garden Team Event in Artarmon

The next permabee will be at Monique's property in Artarmon. 

It is a great example of making the most of a small site with very limited sun and using recycled materials for the majority of the project.

We will be transforming both the back and front courtyards into a productive permaculture garden.  The back courtyard is heavily shaded by the rear neighbour’s large macadamia and oleander trees.  We will be converting bath tubs into wicking grow beds and these will be raised to the level of the north east facing fence line to take advantage of the limited amount of available sun. 

In the front courtyard, we will planting out a no dig garden bed with walls constructed using earthbags – tubular bags filled with envirosand - to form the garden bed walls.  These will have been built on National Permaculture Day in a small workshop on using Earthbag building techniques (click here to register for this workshop).  A small pond will be installed within the garden beds as habitat for frogs and lizards.  The beds will be filled with compost and mulch and planted up with a variety of vegetables, perennial herbs and beneficial insect attracting plants.  

Given the small sight, numbers will be limited to 12 members only (6 in the front and 6 in the back), so make sure you register early and don't miss out.

Given the small site, numbers will be limited to 12 people (6 in the front and 6 in the back). So make sure you get in early and don't miss out.


Please bring your own hat, gloves, water bottle, block out and garden tools (such as spade, shovel, secateurs etc).


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If you're unable to register for this event but would like to go, please email Deb, our Garden Team Coordinator at

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