• 21 Oct 2012
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Address provided with event registration


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Carlingford backyard transformation - PSN Garden Team

In October the Garden Team will be helping Cecilia put in place the earthworks for her to plant out a fruitful food forest in the backyard of her property at Carlingford.  Cecilia's backyard is on a slight downward slope and we will be constructing 4 swales to slow water down as it moves through the property and store it in the underlying soil to provide a good supply of water for the new plants to establish.  We will also focus on building soil using a technique of layering - applying lucerne, manures, trace elements and green manure crops to transform compact clay dug out from the swales into healthy soil and planting a banana circle.

This permabee will be a great hands on event to learn about earthworks, water management and soil improvement.  It will also be a great way to connect with active permies and get to know your community.


Please bring personal protection gear such as a hat, sunscreen, gloves, boots and a water bottle.  If you can, please bring along a mattock, spade or shovel. Please clearly put your name on all your tools.


This event is free for PSN members. To sign up, members can click the Register button to the left of the screen, and the address and other details will be emailed to you.  If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your email address and password.  If you don't remember your password click 'forgot password' and you will be sent an email to help you log in.  

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