Hornsby Members only Monthly Gathering October 13: Native bees

  • 13 Oct 2013
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Address: Please email hornsby_coord@ permaculturenorth.org.au


  • Suggested donation

Hornsby Members only Monthly Gathering October 13: Native Bees

Here is an outline :
  • a.      Identification and purpose of a stingless native bee
  • b.      Their role in the garden and what flowers they are attracted to in the garden eg their diet.
  • c.       Habitats,  discuss the diversity of housing from the Hilton style to the stick bundle it is really all about aesthetics
  • d.      Best positioning in the garden for weather protection and temperature
  • e.      Finish with a selection of bundle bee homes to make eg bamboo or lantana

There will be a variety of different homes on display but this day is about using what might be already in the garden so there is no outlay of cost.  Notes will be emailed.  This is not a day for discussing hives -  it is about creating habitat in the garden to attract these bees and understanding the needs of these bees and our relationship with them.


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